Other Donor Management / Support Development Programs

The Donor Manager isn't for everyone and doesn't fit everyone's needs or way of doing things.  Here are some links to other similar programs I am aware of that may fit your needs better.


TntConnect is another program in the same genre as the Donor Manager.  It runs on Windows and on a Mac. This excellent program is provided by TntWare software.  This flexible program has excellent support and is full featured. Very, very nice.


people-raising-toolsPeople Raising Tracking Program

Bill Dillon is the author of the book People Raising and his website has a lot of excellent resources featuring his People Raising materials.

He also has a series of customized Excel worksheets to support the People Raising approach.  There are samples and screen shots available at his site.



donor-elf-screen-shotDonor Elf

Donor Elf is a web based ministry funds tracking program that is available on a subscription basis.

Very clean looking and easy to use, it integrates into the financial system of a number of mission organizations and automatically imports contributions information.  It has a lot of charts and graphs and makes it very easy to get a "picture" of what is happening in your ministry accounts.

In addition, the author has written a series of excellent articles with great tips and suggestions for better newsletter and support letter writing.




Karani is cloud based webapp for helping you track the key relationships with your ministry partners.

Karani is designed to make it easy to track your finances, add or import gifts and pledges, and track the interactions you have with your supporters (calls, asks, letters, thank yous, meetings, etc.)

Learn more about Karaini at www.karaniapp.com.



MPDx is a web based program that helps you track your ministry partners, their contributions, and your interactions with them.

In addition to the browser based version, there are also apps available for iOS and Android.

Developed within CRU, it is available to all organizations free of charge.

Learn more about MPDx at https://www.gcx.org/mpdxhelp/.   You can set up a free account or login here:  https://mpdx.org


Support Goal

SupportGoal is a web based program to help you keep your ministry to your supporting partners on track.  It works on a laptop or a tablet or a phone and makes quick work of keeping notes, tracking internations, and developing growing relationships.

Learm more at http://supportgoal.com


Can you suggest yet another program?

Do you know of other programs that should be listed here?   Let John know and I'll be glad to include it in list!

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