Donor Manager Downloads

You can download the Donor Manager program here, as well as the User's Guide.

Donor Manager 6 Program Update

If you have already installed Donor Manager 6, this will update you to the latest version of the program.

This is the same file you would get if you used the "Live Update" feature from within the Donor Manager program itself.

Donor Manager 6 Full Install

This is the full program installer for Donor Manager 6.

Use this file if you are installing Donor Manager 6 on your computer for the first time (even if you have DM 5 installed).

This contains the program itself, and the "run-time" support files needed.

DM 6 User's Guide

This 90 page pdf document gives an overview of how to use the Donor Manager Program.

It has a lot of screen shots, tips, and "how to" tips to get  you started well with the program.

Installing Donor Manager on a Mac

This pdf document walks you through the process of installing the Donor Manager on a Mac using "WINE Bottler."  There are several steps to the process, but it is quite easy and you don't really have to be a tech expert.

Donor Manager 5 Full Install

If you need to reinstall Donor Manager version 5 for some reason, you can download the full installer here.

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