In addition to being able to record contributions manually, the Donor Manager has the ability to "read" and "process" contributions reports produced by a number of organizations.

If your organization is not listed and you are provided a giving statement in some type of electronic form, contact John and we can see if we can add your organization to the list of supported systems.

Please note:  many organizations are constantly improving their electronic giving statements.  This often makes the gift import a "moving target."  If your organization is listed, but the Donor Manager can't recognize your giving statement, or if you get strange results or an error, contact John.  Perhaps there has been a change that the gift importer is not yet aware of.

  • Wycliffe Bible Translators
  • SEND International
  • YWAM Tyler Base
  • Partners International
  • World Gospel Mission
  • Assemblies of God World Missions
  • Ameritribes
  • Arab World Ministries
  • Churches of Christ in Christian Union
  • Christar
  • Evangelical Free Church (US & Canada)
  • Heart of God Ministries
  • OMS International
  • Partners International
  • WBT Australia
  • WBT Austria
  • WBT Canada
  • WBT UK
  • World Team
  • Wycliffe Associates




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